Sunday, December 23, 2012

Friday, December 21, 2012

Daily Sketches #1-5

At long last! An update! No school work yet, but I've started doing a "quick" sketch painting every day. Ideally I'd post them daily, and hopefully will for now on. But first, a still life of a fork and a spoon!

This is a fork and a spoon. Obviously, my crowning achievement in metallic rendering. 

 Daily #1

A child being attacked by a rainbow tentacle monster. Can't think of a better way to kick off this daily habit.
Daily #2 

My sister's character. I think her name is Epona. I think she has blue hair. Excellent work me!
Daily #3

I can't draw horses. :(
Bonus conversation during this one:
Me: What color should the goat be?
BF: I think a whitish-brown tint...
BF: Green? That's just silly!
Me:  You tell me to draw a goat with a horn and bird wings... and you draw the line at it being green?
BF: Yes! A green goat is ridiculous!

Daily #4
Fitcher's Feathered Bird

Inspired from a scene in "Fitcher's Bird", a Grimm fairytale.

Daily #5

Epona again. This time I remembered her hair color. But I forgot I meant to give her something glowy.  This character is clearly cursed and should be avoided in the future.

Yeah, you may have noticed that there's a little bit of a gap between when I did the first daily and the second. And to that, I say shut up.