Friday, July 22, 2011

Speed Painting #22+WIP

I need to use less brushes and do these earlier than five in the morning.

Time: ~45 minutes

One day, I will finish this. In the mean time, a haiku:

Why why why why why?
Why why why why why why why?
Why why why why why?

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Speed Painting #15

Speed Painting #15

Architecture is not fun.

Time: ~45 minutes



A friend wanted to see my final animation for art 28 last fall, and I figured I might as well post my other animations since some other people wanted to see them.

Ball Bounce

Brick Drop

Leaf Drop

Sack Drop

Final Project

The last animation was my own story. Music courtesy of Pixar's Up.

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Still new brushes! Wheeeeee!!!!

Speed Painting #14

I'm sure I'll stop abusing them. Soon.

Time: ~60 minutes


Dragon Age 2 Fanart WIP

I wrote a haiku to describe my progress:

Poor choice in lighting
Bending the laws of physics
Filled with much regret

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

New brushes! Wheeee!

Speed Painting #13
There totally was a 12th speed painting, but Painter enraged me so I rage quitted. I'm back with Photoshop and have a bunch of new brushes. I definitely abused and misused them.

Time: ~60 min


My interpretation!

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Speed Painting #11 + Illustration Colors

So, the idea with speed paintings is eventually they improve. So far... not so much. I also forgot what time I started working on it. I thought it was 5, but I checked the clock when I was almost done, and it was still 5. So I'm either really fast or I don't know how to tell time with a digital read out.

Time: ~30-60 minutes
Actual Picture

What I thought I was looking at

Ah, the fun stuff! Well, not so much. I hate colors. I like drawing and painting, but everything in between is just really boring for me. Was trying to maintain a analogous red/orange/yellow color scheme with blue accents. It didn't help that my focal points were wearing red and black and my secondary focal point ladies to the left were wearing my accent colors. Which is why they will be covered in freaking shadows.

I did a value study also, but it's in graphite. So you won't get to see it since my scanner is dumb. Basically Hawke and Anders are lit the best, the fire in the background is really bright (as opposed to dark fire...?), and the sides are really dark. Otherwise Aveline, Isabela, and Merrill would be a little distracting.

... Merrill's looking a little pink. 

Time: ~2 hours

Saturday, July 9, 2011

Speed Painting #10 + Illustration Sketch

10th speed painting. Something nice I can say about this atrocity... At least the green isn't nuclear this time.

Time: ~60 minutes
The real thing
 My bastardization

This is a sketch of my Dragon Age 2 fanart. Yes, it's going to stay this messy and loose. No, I don't care I'm going to paint over it anyway. I went with the third kiss because when I put both in the composition, this one looked much more romantic and like it belonged. Some extra ladies snuck in when I wasn't looking. Trying to think of rhythms and flow in the composition and focal points. Value studies and color comps are next. Hopefully the identity of the mess in the background will become a little more... apparent...

Incidentally, I deeply regret deciding Dragon Age would be my new fandom. I always forget how game characters are so detail heavy. Why couldn't I choose Avatar: The Last Airbender? I don't want to paint this. I didn't even want to draw the detailed mess of garments these people put on and have the audacity to call clothing. Really, does Isabela really need an intricate necklace? Does Anders really need to wear a murder of crows around his shoulders? Does Hawke actually require 30 buckles on her arms and torso? I submit that they do not! 

Not to mention game characters almost never wear drapery or have long hair... this is just so devoid of all the things I love...

Friday, July 8, 2011

Speed Painting #9 + Illustration Concepts

Should be from life, but I have no paints and I can't exactly carry my laptop around outside. I know this is full of fail. But, I have to start somewhere... I just wish it was somewhere less embarrassing.

Time: ~60 minutes
Original Photo
My idea of what this looks like?

Now that that's out of the way, I had an idea for a piece of Dragon Age 2 fanart. It was an awful game and I hate it, but I can't deny that I loved the romance between Hawke and Anders. Actually, that's the only reason I finished the game. I spent all day trying to figure out how to draw people kissing. I got one good looking set of faces (middle), after that I got frustrated and didn't feel like dedicating 2 hours to each face to make it not look dumb. They are going to be wearing clothing, I just didn't feel like drawing it. Trying to decide which kiss I want to use. I prefer the middle one, boyfriend prefers the bottom one. He says the bottom one has a better flow and is more romantic and the middle one is too sultry. I don't think "too sultry" is ever a problem.