Saturday, January 12, 2013

Daily 26

Ref used

I was trying to paint brown in the background without using the color but it wasn't very successful. Probably should've started the painting with that in mind instead of deciding half way through. Oh well.

Friday, January 11, 2013

Dailies Backlog

It's been awhile since my last update. I started trying to be more experimental with my daily sketches. 

Daily #8

Daily #9
I drew this for an art collaboration with Johnathan Apilado, but his identity was a secret because it was a Secret Santa thing. I decided to add value myself for fun and it turned into this.

Daily #10

I bored quit this one, then came back later and added some textures to try them out. I still don't particularly like it.
 Daily #11

A portrait of Juliet from Lost. She was one of my favorite characters.

 Daily #12

 Portrait of Sun from Lost. Another favorite of mine. It was originally in color but I was struggling so much I decided to just focus on value.

 Daily #13
Moar Sugar!

For each lemon added to lemonade, you need at least one bag of sugar.
Daily #14

Character design for my character Kayah. I mostly went on memories of tribal clothing (generalization) and didn't really look anything up. She's from a tropical environment. She's usually nude, but I thought I'd design some "family friendly" clothes. Her clothes are more masculine than feminine because she's a hunter, so wearing a skirt would be impractical. The goal for her top was something functional that would support and restrain her breasts rather than arbitrary modesty. 

 Daily #15

Character design for my character Aesane. I was trying to incorporate elements from ancient Greece and Persia in her design. She's Kayah's foil. I was trying to use a similar silhouette to what she wore when I designed her as a teenager. Not sure if I want her shorts to fit better or be poofy. 

Daily #16

Started feeling a little insecure about my painting skills so I started painting environments from photos. I thought about posting my reference but I wasn't trying to copy them, so comparing them wouldn't be very productive.

Daily #17

Daily #18

Cool light/warm shadows is hard to pull off. 

Daily #19

A portrait from a photo. I don't know the model's name.

Daily #20
Ashley Spinelli

Little bit of fan art of an aged up Spinelli from Recess. Not sure where it came from.

Daily #21

Another portrait of Lost's Juliet. I anted to try drawing her instead of painting.

Daily #22

Daily #23
Your Move
Your move, kitty cat!

Daily #24

I wanted to think more about lighting than local color, so I painted a forest lit by violet light.

Daily #25

I'd like to have an emotion/story in mind for these environments in the future. It's hard not to get bogged down in the technical aspects of painting and to remember story.