Saturday, April 6, 2013

Painting Backlog part 1

With these daily paintings/sketches, I had the best of intentions. Tragically the beginning of the semester and an unexpected course load destroyed my effort and it was pretty much abandoned. However, I will say these helped me out a lot and I plan on picking it up again at the end of the semester and hopefully actually carrying through with it. Until then, here's the first half that never got posted.

This one is a bad head study of Analucia (Michelle Rodriguez) from Lost. I like the character and the actress, but I'm pretty ashamed of this painting. No where to go but up at this point I suppose.

I was becoming happy with my progress in Sai, but I felt like I should really be working in Photoshop since it's industry standard. Sai was abandoned and no one really uses it professionally, and Photoshop is alive and thriving. There's a lot of resources for it, and I felt I would be able to adapt my Sai skill set successfully to Photoshop. 

And then I did this. Without my favorite Sai brush, I was lost and in pain. I got a bunch of new brushes before this painting and it shows. So much shame. I resist the urge to flee back to the comfort of Sai.

The next day I happened to be looking at Bill Cone's blog. I loved his work and found it to be very inspiring. I loved the look of his pastels, so I tried painting in a way that resembled pastels. I actually kind of like this one, but I was sure it would be a style that wouldn't be particularly useful for creating pretty paintings.

I knew I just needed to find a go-to brush that I liked. This one sadly was it, but it wasn't too bad.

I tried making my Sai brush in Photoshop. Photoshop just can't replicate the awesomeness that was my brush, but this was kind of cool. To be continued.