Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Two Late

60 minute head study. It's pretty unrewarding to spend an hour on a painting only to notice the girl's eye is way off to the left and then having to move it over as opposed to painting. 

20 minute quick paint. Today was extremely tiring and I was falling asleep so I couldn't spend long.

Monday, May 27, 2013

Friday, May 24, 2013

Dim Forest

My speed painting skills are very rusty. I need to use lighter values.

Into the Woods

I'm trying to develop the habit of doing a painting a day again. For my first, brand new attempt I decided this piece needed to have meaning. It needed to symbolize my journey as an artist. What's it like to be an artist? Shrouded in darkness, because we spend our lives inside dark rooms painting. It's like, you're in a forest. A dark forest. (Notice it's not at the beginning of the forest. No, I am already entrenched deep inside the forest. There's no turning back. Forward is the only option.) In the middle of the forest. Surrounded by trees that obscure your vision, along with the mist. Because mist is artistic. It also makes it so you don't have to draw the background. Because, honestly, who wants to draw that many trees? Not me. But I digress. The journey of the artist is like traveling in an isolated, dark, obscured forest. While you may not be able to see, there's a path. A very clear, obvious path in this example. Smart artists don't carve their own way, but instead they follow the footsteps laid down by those who came before. Or tire tracks as this painting may suggest. This painting is all about the spirit of the artist.

Or perhaps I found a photo that had a nice composition and foggy atmosphere. Who can say for certain?